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Monday, 26 October 2009

Shonshod vabhan

Birds house.

Tazmahal, thge greatest historical place in India. Made by samrat Shahjahan.

Trafic jam of Bangladesh,.

Ma, pray for me. This picture show bangla language.

Meghna river in Bangladesh, Journey by boat. Sky tough river.

Meghna is one of the largest river in Bangladesh. The Meghna is a distributary of the great river Brahmaputra. specially famous for its great estuary that discharges the flows of the Ganges-Padma, the Brahmaputra-Jamuna and the Meghna itself.The matter would be simpler but for the fact that from Madna downstream for about 26 km (in a straight line) one of the two channels of the Surma-Meghna is known as the dhaleshwari. The channel from Ajmiriganj down to the confluence with the Dhanu is referred to as the Surma. This confluence is five kilometres east of Kuliarchar and north of Bhairab Bazar. Downstream from this point, the river is referred to as the Meghna.Meghna river is nice and beautiful river. It has many small island.
We are set on the Boat in Meghna river